S U B M I S S I O N     G U I D E L I N E S



Linn Prentis Literary is always looking for new authors.
We are excited by fresh, intelligent voices and though our
current client base is mostly made up of science fiction
and fantasy authors, we are constantly on the lookout
for innovative stories that do not fit that mold.

The following is a list of genres in which we
are currently interested in representing:

  • General fiction
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy/Science fiction
  • Middle Readers/YA
  • Women's Fiction
  • Memoir/Family Saga


All e-queries should be directed to Amy Hayden, Acquisitions at ahayden@linnprentis.com. There are three things that must be included in your email.
  1. Query Letter
  2. Synopsis
  3. First 10 pages
You may include the synopsis and the first 10 pages in the body of the email or as an attachment.

Snail Mail

Snail mail must be sent to:
c/o Trodayne Northern, Acquisitions Director
for: Amy Hayden, Acquisitions
Linn Prentis Literary
3 Inverness Drive
New Hartford, NY  13413

Do not forget the first line c/o Trodayne Northern.
Given the current climate of security all mail must be addressed to Trodayne Northern for it to be delivered.
Please include e-mail address in your query letter, as that is the preferred method of communication.In your envelope we will need the following:
  1. Query Letter
  2. Synopsis
  3. First 10 pages
  4. SASE
The Query Letter
This is our introduction to you, and your first impression.  It should only be one page, providing a modicum of useful and pertinent personal information, as well as offering the overall plot of your story. There are many wonderful websites out there that can help you write your query letter. Here are a few:


The Synopsis
This is a bit tougher, and we realize how difficult it can be when deciding just what you need to include. That said, your synopsis should be no more than 2 pages, single spaced. It should provide us with the arc of the story, from start to finish, with some character description, and lastly, we must know how it ends. Hooks are all well and good in the query, but we need to know if the work is solid the whole way through.

What is an SASE? A Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. It should have your address in the return address corner of the envelope in addition to being written in the center of the envelope. All submissions should be considered disposable. However, if you would like for the agency to return your submissions, you must provide us with an envelope that is large enough, and with enough postage to accommodate the mailing.