S U B    A G E N T S

Linn Prentis Literary works with many agents overseas, bringing our clients international acclaim. Some of our foreign agents include:

  • Agence Litteraire Lenclud France
  • Paul & Peter Fritz Germany
  • Prava i Prevodi Eastern Europe
  • Tuttle–Mori — Japan
  • Tuttle–Mori — Taiwan
  • Tuttle–Mori — Thailand
  • Shinwon — Korea
  • PNLA Italy
  • Lennart Sane Scandinavia, Holland
  • Alex Korzhenevski (Russia)
  • Gray Tan (Taiwan, China)
  • IECO (International Editors, Co) Spain and Portugal
  • IECO (International Editors, Co) Buenos Aires
  • Lex Copyright Budapest